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As a member of the figure skating community you’re probably already, in some way, familiar with Figure Skater Fitness (FSF) Magazine. It’s the best resource for the various dynamics that make up what’s known as the “complete package” in a figure skater. Sections in the magazine include education on fitness, nutrition, injury prevention, mental training, and glamour specifically for figure skaters. I can’t tell you how much I wish I had access to this kind of information when I was competing, and all in ONE location. Although I didn’t have it then, I’m so pumped that I can contribute as a writer and editor for this magazine now.

One of my favourite parts about working for FSF is that I get to interview the Spotlight athlete. For the current issue I interviewed U.S. ice dance champions, Maia and Alex Shibutani. These two were incredibly generous with their time and sharing their keys to success. Very soon you will find out who I had the pleasure of having a nice chat with for the upcoming in-season issue, released next month! To give you a clue, he’s an incredibly talented, driven, and passionate skater. His programs are just mesmerizing and he shares some tips that help him stay focused during performance!

The next in-season issue will also contain my personal favourite Glamour feature so far! It’s my fave because a) I got to set up and see every step of the process from the fittings to the photography session, and b) it’s featuring a brand that’s so near and dear to me—the one and only #ivivva. Some of you may know that I previously had the pleasure of working for ivivva. It’s one of the places that allowed me to grow and develop my skill and passion for goal coaching as well as reconnect with the sport I love so much <3

Check out some behind the scenes snaps I took at the photoshoot!



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