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Your “Why?” - An Important Step In Goal Setting


Photo Credit: Stephan Potopnyk

Why do you want to achieve the things that you want to achieve?

This might sound like a redundant question yet without it your goals can become misguided.

I often notice skaters setting big, audacious targets without really taking the time to think about why they want to attain them. Sometimes this can lead to setting the wrong goals (i.e. something that others want or want for you), or it can block the essential motivation required to fuel your desires into action.

If you really want to ignite your intentions and be able to see and feel the possibilities towards making them a reality then you must be clear on your why.

All you need for this is a blank sheet of paper and a pen. Write down as many reasons as you can think of for achieving your goal. Doing this will program what Brian Tracy calls your “subconscious computer” to create and seek out opportunities specifically aligned with your goal. And those openings are often paths that you might have never considered before.

Here’s an example: say your goal is to qualify for nationals. Some of your whys might be:

  • To experience performing in front of a large audience

  • To be closer to a goal of competing internationally

  • To compete on a national stage

  • It could help get sponsors and fund training

  • To challenge yourself

  • To take extra care of your health and fitness, to stay in top shape

  • To build your community and connect with athletes from around the country who share the same passion

This exercise reminds you of all the fundamental things that matter to you personally about your goal. It will ignite your light within, spark your motivation, and propel you into taking the necessary steps for making your dreams a reality. Some of those steps might seem small, such as waking up earlier to meditate or visualize for 10 minutes, or to eat a protein packed breakfast. Seemingly small, they add up to having a BIG impact on the materialization of your dreams.

But first, start with why and action will follow.


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