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The Effect Of Creating A Vision Board


A vision or dream board is a visual representation of your goals. The idea is based on attracting the things you want into reality. This is the same principal as visualization—something that top athletes practice all the time, especially leading up to competition. According to Psychology Today when you visualize yourself performing an element, such as a jump, you are activating similar brain patterns as when you are actually doing that jump. Visualization has proven to be a very effective form of boosting self-confidence and for achieving a mindset that seeks out and prepares for opportunity; ultimately, increasing the likelihood of bringing your dreams to life.

Essentially, your vision board is a visualization tool. When you create a dream board and place it somewhere that you will see it everyday, you are doing little visualization drills every time you look at its images.

Your dream board is a collage of pictures. It can also include, words, trinkets, quotes, and anything else that inspires you. It can portray specific goals that you want to achieve or its contents can represent the feelings that you want to have when you accomplish your objectives; or it can be a mixture of both! It’s totally up to you how you want to create your vision board. The process should be fun and invigorating. Set some time aside and put on some light music, have a cup of tea on hand, and maybe burn a scented soy candle while you put your vision board together. Maybe your friends will want to join you and you can make a party out of it!

What you’ll need to create your vision board:

  • A poster board or corkboard

  • A stack of different kinds of magazines to pull pictures from

  • Scissors, tape, pins, or glue to put your board together

  • (optional) Markers, stickers, trinkets, sparkles, etc.

You can add to or remake your vision board anytime you want. There are no rules. The most important thing is that you connect with the images you’ve chosen for your board. The more your board conjures up the feelings that you want to feel the more it will come to life.

Want more information about vision board making and powerful goal setting? Book a Skate to Soar workshop at your skating club!

What will you put on your vision board? Share your comments below.

XO Kristen


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