3 Tricks to Help You Stick to Your Goals in 2017

Personally I love the concept of new years resolutions, after all it’s goal setting. The only problem with new years resolutions is that most people tend to fall off track, stepping back into old habits, only a couple of weeks after setting these good intentions. Research shows that it takes 90 days to fully adopt a new habit. This is easier said than done. I’m sharing with you a few simple tricks to set your goals in motion and truly hold yourself to them.


Why do you want to achieve the thing that you want to achieve? Why is it important to you?

The more reasons you can think of why you want to accomplish a goal, the more you will program your subconscious computer to take action and create opportunities designed specifically to put you in the direction of your desires. This exercise will ignite a light within, it will extract your fundamental values and guide your goals. AKA motivation.


Now let your why help you set a specific word or theme like “performance”, “presentation”, or “Landing” to guide your goals. Having one simple word will serve as an easy reminder of your why when the going gets tough. Goals are challenging so we need simple tools that are readily available in order to stay on track. Your word can also be handy when tough decisions come up. Say, you have an opportunity to have tea with someone you really admire but it falls on the same day and time you have a competition. Use your word as a guide for which option will bring you closer to your desired outcome. My word for this year is “wellth”, spelled this way because I want to focus on my finances but my definition of abundance is holistic and includes wellbeing.


Love your goals, allow yourself to get really excited about them and what they can bring into your life. If you set your why wholeheartedly and with total honesty, then you are going to love and nurture your goals even when they bring challenging moments. This is what’s going to make them sustainable. Why bother setting goals just for the sake of setting goals? We set goals because we want to enhance our life. So own them, allow yourself to become obsessed with them. Trust me, this is where the magic is.

Are you ready to take on 2017? Let’s soar!

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