World-Renowned Choreographer, David Wilson: Magic On Ice


David Wilson, choreographer for Jeffrey Buttle, Patrick Chan, Javier Fernández, Yuzuru Hanyu, Kim Yuna, and Joannie Rochette, to name a few, delivered a seminar for the coaches and skaters at East York Skating Club in Toronto last week. As a new coach to EYSC, I had the pleasure of attending this event and witnessing some of the amazing work that David does for skaters, and I have to tell you, he’s as brilliant and genuine in person as his choreography portrays. He doesn’t disappoint.

David started the seminar off talking about how when he first starting doing choreography as a job, he felt like a fraud. This is something I’ve heard from numerous insanely successful people, both from personal friends and famous public figures. Just the other night I watched an interview with mega movie star, Renée Zellweger, who said she used to experience major “imposter syndrome” in the beginning of her career because she wasn’t formally trained in acting and was afraid that she wasn’t qualified to be where she was. I think this is something so key; to remind ourselves that if we are naturally curious or passionate about something creative then we probably have the resources within us, innately, to become successful in that thing, whether we have the stamp that says we’re “qualified” or not. After a while, just as David explained about his own experience, we grow into it and feel more confident with each new achievement.