On Ice: Back To Basics


This weekend coaches from around the world have come together in Winnipeg to develop different aspects of their coaching practices at the National Coaches Conference. While reading about this conference, one feature in particular caught my attention - two workshops with a heavy focus on basic skating skills. One is titled “Quality Basics: Essential Foundation” and the other “Taking Foundational Skills To The Next Level”. Both are being led by the one and only, Tracy Wilson.

I was interested in these specific seminars for two reasons: First, lately I’ve been repeatedly coming across various articles and instances about this foundational skating skills theme at different rinks and on social media. Second, over the past year, while coming to the realization that I wanted to be involved in the skating world again I have thought about the impact my training would have had with a greater focus on basic skills. I was late to start in the skating world, at age 12, relying on my gymnastics background to adapt on the ice. I think it may have enhanced my overall skating quite a bit to have spent more time on foundational edge work.

To give you a better idea, I’ve added the description of these workshops from skatecanada.ca here: