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It's End Of Season - Invigorate and Revitalize Your Goals


Photo Credit: Stephan Potopnyk

Spring is here! (sort-of) In Toronto we haven't quite said goodbye cold, goodbye snow, goodbye heavy winter gear yet. Still, around the corner there's warmer air, longer and brighter days, and birds chirping - signifying the start of flowers blooming, liveliness, and renewal. The dark and muted tones of the outdoors will transform into lush and vibrant landscapes. Mother nature is flourishing and calling us to do the same. Spring is the perfect time to refresh and replenish our goals and intentions.

The rain washes up the last of the snow and waters the seeds taking root in the ground, preparing the earth for growth and life. So, the first step in goal regeneration, of course, is spring-cleaning! Take time to clean out and de-clutter your home, your bedroom, and your skate bag. After you’ve done this notice how awesome it feels. I recently cleared out a bunch of binders I had kept with all my university notes. As if I’m actually ever going to reread my lecture scribbles. I haven’t looked at them for years, so I went through the binders scanning for anything important to keep. In the end I held onto about three documents relating to my teaching certification and one essay with professor comments because it was a game changer for my confidence in my writing skills. I was able to get rid of (through recycling) six large binders filled with paper and what I kept is now stored in a small file. Talk about making space! Instantly I felt lighter and freer.

This is what you are left with after cleaning and de-cluttering, SPACE, open and unblocked space. You can literally and figuratively step into this space for creation, exploration, and discovery because making more room physically also makes more room mentally and energetically. You are letting the universe know that you are open for more, new opportunities to come. It’s a space for possibility.

Now, let’s revisit your goals (If you haven’t written down your goals before, starting fresh is super fun! Skip to the next paragraph to help get you started). Bring out your short-term and long-term goals and look them over. Is there anything that no longer excites you? That’s ok, it’s important to remember that your goals are never concrete. They are meant to grow and transform as you do. Just as you did with your physical surroundings, get rid of any goals or intentions that simply no longer serve you. You’ve gained new experiences and perspectives over the past few months and it’s likely that your motivations have shifted.

After you’ve decided which goals need to be deleted or changed ask yourself, “What do I truly desire?”. Set and revamp your goals from a limitless perspective where anything is possible. Forget about what you “should” want and forget about what’s likely. It doesn’t matter if you write down a goal and then it never happens. It isn’t a legal contract; it’s about imagination and finding your potential. What will likely end up happening is something better than you could have imagined in a way that you would not have considered. The mere act of clearly stating your desires puts them in motion, generating growth and transformation.

So, clear some space, nurture your goals, and watch them bloom. Happy spring!


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