Exploring Classic Basics With: The Collective


Photo Credit: Stephan Potopnyk

When was the last time you practiced a classic cross roll, focusing on the depth of your edges? What about the last time you held an edge while being mindful of the toe placement of your free foot going into a simple a bracket? How about a mazurka?

Last week I had the pleasure of attending a coaching seminar hosted by Christopher Nolan, Vesna Markovich, and Mark Hird, also known as The Collective, whose goal is to preserve the classic basics in figure skating.

Over the last decade figure skating has evolved into a point-based obsessed sport. After numerous judging scandals, namely the 2002 Olympic pair skating event, and uproars for a fairer marking method, the sport opted for a less subjective point-based system rather than the previous and simpler form of giving the skater two marks out of 6; one mark for technical merit and one mark for artistic impression. We definitely needed a change in the marking system, however, the change in the manner of j