The Truth About Goals


When we talk about goals we often focus on the goal itself, the end result that we’re looking for. We talk about doing great things, contribution, change, and achievement. But really the destination is only a part of what it means to go after a goal. Furthermore, the destination is never really the end. There’s the process of reaching a goal and then there’s the evolution of that goal. It’s a progression of intertwining events and obstacles. And if your goals are big enough, the path leading to your goals is filled with tireless work, sacrifice, and doubt.

As I make a career transition from school teacher to skating and goal coach, I am reminded of the hardships that went along with training and competing in order to reach my athletic goals as a figure skater. Currently while creating my brand, connecting with the skating community, and getting my foot in the door to coaching I’m working numerous jobs and twice as many hours as I was when I was teaching. Staying on track financially while creating a platform for the career I want can often feel relentless and draining. I remember constantly feeling tired while I was training. I would be up at 5am for morning practices until noon and then head straight to my retail job. The agreement I had with my parents was that they would pay for my skating and I paid for my living expenses. I was busy with either training or work every second of the day and had no down time. I chose exhaustion in favour of competing at a national level.

Along with the long hours and constant work lo