Fuel Your Body Best With Body Awareness


Whole grains were good. And then they were bad. Fat was bad, and then it was good. Smoothies were the most recent rage and today I just read an article on why we should stop drinking them. All these nutrition shoulds and shouldn’ts are just so confusing and sometimes these contradictions make me want to flip a table. Kidding, but seriously though.

Over the past couple of years I have been struggling quite a bit with my diet. I was keeping up with and following all of these healthy food rules but I actually just kept feeling worse and experienced more discomfort in my stomach. I constantly felt bloated and couldn’t understand why.

I wanted to eat well because I knew that nourishing my body properly would not only have an impact on my physical health, it would also influence my mind, level of happiness, productiveness and general performance. I realized that nutritious food is the best tool to propel my life in every aspect and therefore the best investment I can make.

So, I embarked on a health food journey. I jumped on the whole grains bandwagon, the digestive enzymes, probiotics, flax, juice cleanses, smoothies, coconut oil, and more. Some of these trends worked out great for me while others caused more harm than good. To give you one example, at one point I contracted oral thrush (I know, ew)