JUNE 2020



June 7th to 27th 2020 


3hours daily, mon to fri:

1hr Jumps and Balance 

1hr strength and conditioning 

1hr ballet/yoga for figure skaters 


Sessions will be done via Zoom group classes. The skaters will have 30 min break between the first two sessions and 5 min break between the last two sessions. Sessions will be held in the morning between 8.30 am and 12pm 


Lessons will be held in two separate group levels:

  • Group 1 (Starskate 1-2) 

  • Group 2 (Starskate 3 and up)


Each group will alternate one day lessons with Laura and one day lessons with Kristen. 




  • 1hr Flexibility group class for figure skaters (one afternoon per week  or Saturday morning - TBD) 


  • Additional one on one lessons on Jumps & Balance, strength & conditioning, Ballet, Yoga, Mental training, or Nutrition. 





Full Week Dry Land Intensive Camp 

(Group 1 or 2)

$220 + HST per skater 

(3hrs online group training mon to fri) 

$660 + HST

for 3 weeks.


Full Week Dry Land Intensive Camp + Weekly 1hr Flexibility Group

(Group 1 or 2)

$228 + HST per skater 

(3hrs online group training mon to fri + 1hr flexibility group class) 

$684 + HST

for 3 weeks


Half Week Dry Land Intensive Camp 

(Pick any 3 days of the week - Mon to Fri ) 

(Group 1 or 2)

$132 + HST 



Single time purchases:


One Full Day

(3hrs group lessons)

$50 + HST 


One hour group lesson

(any of the 3 daily hours: Ballet, Jumps and Balance or strength and conditioning)

$16.60 + HST 


Flexibility Group Class 

$12.5 + HST 


One-on-One Lessons: 

Jumps + Balance

Strength + Conditioning



 Mental Training



$60 + HST

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